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Resident Evil Village – Preview, tried the Castle demo

Resident Evil Village – Preview, tried the Castle demo

We tried the new Resident Evil Village demo set in the luxurious and terrifying Lady Dimitrescu’s Castle. What hides the

The countdown to the official release of Resident Evil Village continues, and the ticking of the clock this time led us to the third of the four stages that divide us from it. In fact, after having played the first Maiden demo in fear, and after receiving a “warm” welcome within the Village demo, we tried today the third and last demo before the game’s release (with the fourth stage that will give us a hour to play these last two demos). The Castle demo by Resident Evil Village then takes us inside the luxurious and at the same time disturbing mansion of Lady Dimitrescu, providing us with a couple of interesting goodies.

Ethan’s Research

The demo starts with a rather familiar awakening, inside one of the rooms of the house. After having worked hard to go out and reach the anteroom (where we will realize there will be an enigma to be solved, but of which we do not have information at the moment), we will be able to enter one of the rooms and come in contact for the first time in these demos with the famous Duke.

The seller will welcome us as if we were an old acquaintance, therefore a sign that in game it will not be the first time we have met him. The menus available to us, as we were also explained during the video presentation of the game in recent days, are absolutely intuitive and clean, and we will be able to carry out actions both related to the purchase and sale of objects, and to the enhancement of weapons and projects and inventory. From the Duke himself we will also receive some little advice about where Ethan might look for his daughter inside the castle.

Unfortunately, during the first part of the test, which takes place all inside the luxurious rooms of the house, we only had to deal with a couple of puzzles in a concrete way, one of which is the same as the ring that we could solve in the Maiden demo. However from an adrenaline point of view this time we got a real taste – or rather, we have been tasted – the powers of these dark vampire-featured girls (what they really are, we have yet to find out).

Apparently our gun will have little effect on them, and being caught is tantamount to losing a considerable portion of our health. We are also back in the secret, where we made the pleasant acquaintance of a new kind of enemies, not too fast but quite resistant and above all insistent. Combat with these creatures could be difficult if carried out in particularly narrow areas that do not allow a way to retreat. Certainly a fight – at least the one in today’s demo – less demanding than what the Lycans have proposed to us in the Village.

We had already made our point about combat, item handling, and general fluidity, and with the Resident Evil Village Castle demo we can’t help but confirm all good impressions had so far. Despite the opulence, the richness and the wide spaces in certain rooms, the sense of claustrophobia that you will feel will be really palpable, clearly mixed with a constant feeling of feeling in a “cage”.

The atmosphere that is created inside the sinister mansion is intriguing and disturbing, a place that still has a lot to tell us, and that we can’t wait to find out how it will present itself in the full version of the game that we remember will arrive in the shops on May 7, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Series X | S and Stadia.

We remind you that it will be possible to try the last two demos for a limited time of one hour, and you will only have a 24-hour time frame available from midnight on May 2nd at midnight on the 3rd. If you want a little taste of the experience that awaits you with Resident Evil Village, pop into the Village and Castle as soon as possible… you will be welcomed with open arms.