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Resident Evil Village will be “fantastic and full-bodied” according to an insider

Resident Evil Village will be “fantastic and full-bodied” according to an insider

Insider Dusk Golem returns to talk about Resident Evil Village, confirming that it will be fantastic and revealing Capcom’s high expectations.

Despite his recent retirement from the role that made him famous on Twitter and around the web, the well-known insider Dusk Golem back to talk about Resident Evil Villagethe next chapter of one of the videogame brands he is most fond of, revealing what are the expectations of Capcom on the game and also giving some personal insights into the future of this historic horror franchise. After having talked extensively about the alleged remake of Resident Evil 4 and a possible sequel to the series’Revelations‘, Dusk Golem tells of how the Japanese software house is investing heavily in this eighth chapter of the main-series and that will aim very high both for its content and for its sales.

After the huge success of the remake of Resident Evil 2 and from Resident Evil VII, which has also become the best-selling game of the series, Capcom hopes to ride the wave of these triumphs to push the new chapter towards another great success of this historic brand. According to the aforementioned insider, who already in the past proved to be very credible with his information and his leaks, the title it will be a fantastic experience and its launch would be expected in the first months of 2021, more precisely in the month of May.

In the various discussions related to Resident Evil Village, Dusk Golem has also confirmed that the title will be much more full-bodied in content and that in general will have better reviews than its predecessor, confirming that Capcom is very confident in the quality of the game. Also in the course of 2021 there will be a lot of media attention on the Resident Evil franchise, thanks also to the arrival of a new Netflix series and a film for the big screen, so the Osaka house is expecting a lot from the sales of ‘Village’ , aiming for 11 million copies assets by March 2025.

For now, all fans will be able to do nothing but wait for some new announcement from Capcom, to finally find out when they can get their hands on Resident Evil Village. After an unfortunate sixth chapter, which despite the success in sales has greatly disappointed both the public and the critics, this process of Resident Evil’s rebirth is going very well, and who knows whether in the future the Japanese software house decides to take over again. historical series that have been forgotten for too long, such as for example Dino Crisis or Dead Rising.

(2/2) is due to three main factors:
-Capcom realized they had struck gold with the game.
-Game is meatier & probably will review & be received better than RE7 was.
-High series & entry interest with Infinite Darkness, the new movie, etc.

RE8 will probably be fantastic.

– AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@ AestheticGamer1) November 19, 2020