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Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will have all game modes

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will have all game modes

Nintendo is betting on bringing competitive games to its current hybrid console Switchbeing Rocket League one of the first to join its catalog of titles that will boost the console to be able to enjoy the competitions that this fun soccer game offers us. Psyonix has shared new information about this version, inspired by one of the most popular games on the console; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Jeremy DunhamVice President of Psyonix Y Bobby Garzaproducer of Rocket Leaguecommented on the modalities that the version of Switch, making it clear that they will be the same as in the other existing versions, such as Hoops, Drop Shot, Snowday, Seasson and Rumble. It was also assured that the local multiplayer of the console will be up to 8 players, with the possibility of playing 4 of them in split screen with the Dock connected to your TV, or up to 2 players in split screen in its portable mode.

The Psyonix team commented that they are working to take advantage of the movement controls used by the joy-con. In addition, Dunham and Garza explained how they were inspired to work on this version due to the great success it currently enjoys. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

“The fact that it runs at 60fps with or without the Dock, in split screen (with two players in mario kart 8) is a huge thing for us. We weren’t entirely sure it would be possible for many technical reasons, but we thought we should give it a try after playing Mario Kart 8.

One of the best news about this version of Rocket League is certainly your cross play Between the versions of Xbox One and PCwith the great advantage that this version will be portable thanks to the console of Nintendo. It’s a relief that they’re not going to take anything away from this version of the title, and who knows, they may even add more special game modes for Nintendo Switch.

Via: IGN.com