Rumor: Final Fantasy VII Remake is out in November and will arrive in two parts

Last week we saw a small video clip of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Officially they told us that in June we would learn more information and that the game continues to have an episodic structure.

Now a supposed industry insider claims to know the following. Remember to take the following information with tweezers:

The game is scheduled to launch in early November and is divided into two parts. The first part would end with the death of … that character. He also states that the wait between the first and the second part will not be very long compared to this initial wait.

  “We are committed to experimentation,” says the Head of PlayStation Studios

The same source claims that the game has expanded the plot points and locations with various adjustments but the overall narrative will remain familiar to fans of the original game. Cities promise to be more real and organic. Roads and highways will have realistic functions. In short: the game will feel alive.