Rumor: The PS4 Pro could have been discontinued

Perhaps Sony could have discontinued the PlayStation 4 Pro? Many fans are asking this question right now after the official portal of PlayStation Direct mention that “at the moment there are no plans to resupply this product in the future.” Similarly, the PlayStation 4 Slim It is also not available and there is no mention that there will be in the future.

Rumor: The PS4 Pro could have been discontinued

This move would make sense due to the circumstances of the coronavirus affecting the manufacturing process, in addition to the fact that the Japanese giant is focused on producing the largest amount of PS5 as possible. Although the PS4 will not go anywhere, the place that had the PS4 Pro as the “premium” version of the console has already been occupied by a much more powerful hardware thanks to the PS5.

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Of course, there is also the possibility that the error message that showed PlayStation Direct was not the correct one, and they simply wanted to imply that it would no longer be possible to buy the PS4 Pro directly with them, but you can find it in another store or authorized distributor.