Sackboy: A Big Adventure now has online multiplayer

A few days before its launch, Sumo Digital revealed that Sackboy: A Big Adventure it would not have online features at launch, as they needed a bit more time to polish the multiplayer and other details. However, they promised they would roll it out for free with a patch before the end of the year, and such an update is now available.

The update 1,003,000 from Sackboy: A Big Adventure is already available for download at this time, and will only require Additional 3GB of space. Similarly, its developers accompanied its launch with this fun trailer:

Remember that Sackboy: A Big Adventure has cross-gen support, that is, players of PS5 and PS4 they will be able to play with each other without any problem, but do not forget that it is necessary to have an active subscription of Playstation plus to do it.

  It is no longer necessary to have PS Plus to play online on PS4