Several digital media portals in Colombia affected by advertising viruses

An advertising piece installed in the different portals generated discomfort among the users who tried to access.

Early this friday websites media like The Time, The Spectator, The Colombian, among others, they woke up blocked by malicious software threat through site advertising, surely contained in said media.

The alerts, that they asked users not to continue browsing the portals of these media, they realized the possibility that the personal data of the users could be retained by malicious software.

As BLU Radio was able to verify with those responsible for the digital channel of El Espectador, once they were warned of the situation, the compromised advertising was deactivated and the portal returned to normal. “The users of our site can rest assured”, There was no compromise of their information, they assured.

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The Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers, especially in their desktop versions, were the first to notice the situation.