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Sintesys organizes a conference with Eric Hanson and Miguel Angel Fuertes from ILM

Like every year, the Sintesys International School of Animation and Special Effects holds a conference for the students of the promotion of the expert technical course in special effects for film, TV and RT3D. The conference will cover different specialized techniques in creating digital special effects for cinema.

This year, among others, Eric Hanson will participate, a specialist in digital effects and 3D settings for films such as ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘Cast Away’, ‘The Man Without a Shadow’, ‘Mission to Mars’, ‘The Bicentennial Man’, ‘Fantasia 2000’, ‘Atlantis’, ‘The Fifth Element’… Eric will emphasize professional techniques for creating natural effects, architectural buildings and landscapes in Cinema format.

Miguel Angel Fuertes, with experience at ILM for 10 years, and one of the top 15 digital creature animators in the world, has worked closely with George Lucas, Steven Spielverg and Stephen Sommers and will explain the animation techniques, acting and personality that He applies it to his characters to give them a life of their own.

A unique opportunity, which certifies the level at which this international animation school, located in San Sebastián since 1998, is located.

Like every year, Sintesys raffles off several tickets for this conference that will take place on Friday, March 4, in the afternoon at the Miramar Palace in San Sebastián.

To participate in the contest and get more information about the event, you must send an email to [email protected] with your personal information.

More info about the conference at:


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