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Sony has stopped production of four different PS4 models in Japan

A couple of days ago a rumor emerged that suggested that several models of the PS4 they would be discontinued in Japan. Now, a recent report by a pair of Japanese media has indicated that, with the exception of the PS4 Slim version of 500 GB, We will no longer see these consoles in the Asian country.

According to IT Media and Game Watch Impress, Sony dropped production of the PS4 Pro last year. Similarly, it was announced that the company stopped shipping four of the five PS4 models to the Japanese market at the end of April 2020. These are:

-PS4 Glacier White 500 GB.

-PS4 Jet Black 1TB.

-PS4 Glacier White 1TB.

-PS4 Pro Jet Black 2TB

In a talk with IT Media, Sony mentioned that this is because they are focusing on the production of the PS5. However, they will continue to offer support for PS4 games and peripherals. Considering that the company’s new console lacks enough units to supply all markets, we hope that this decision will have a good result for Sony.

It is currently unknown what will be the status of the PS4 in America and Europe, although it is likely that in the coming weeks or months it will be announced that this console will also be discontinued in these regions. In related topics, a fan has created a somewhat expensive portable PS4.

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