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Spotify raises the price of subscriptions

Spotify raises the price of subscriptions

During the past few hours Spotify has announced to its listeners the increase in the price of some subscriptions in various parts of the world.

During the past few hours Spotify has announced a price increase for some of its own subscriptions, leaving amazed many users from different places around the globe. We are referring in particular to the listeners of the Kingdom United, of the States United and some parts ofEurope, which could soon see the cost of a subscription increase for one of the most famous music platforms in the world.

In the UK, an account Premium student will increase from £ 4.99 to £ 5.99 per month while the offer for two people will range from 12.99 to 13.99 pounds per month. As for the price of the individual account, however, it will remain unchanged with the plan Premium Family set to skyrocket from £ 14.99 to £ 16.99 per month.

In the United States and Europe, only the price of the Premium Family plan will change, which will go from 14.99 to 15.99 dollars and from 14.99 to 17.99 euros respectively. This is thought to be Spotify’s latest attempt to try and crack down on family plans shared between groups of friends or individuals. Back in September 2019, Spotify had begun asking for proof that all members of a family plan reside at the same address, sparking a lot of controversy.

This update undoubtedly makes Spotify less competitive than other streaming services – taking the family plans, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube Music as an example, they are all cheaper alternatives. While many have been expecting it for some time, a hike in the price of Spotify subscriptions seems pretty ambiguous in a time like this.

Despite the competition, the company’s intentions are clearly to expand towards new horizons, with the challenge of platforms such as Clubhouse launched just a few weeks ago. In the UK, Spotify (and other streaming services) have come under scrutiny which – given the results – has sparked quite a bit of controversy regarding the compensation of the artists’ work.