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Square Enix reveals more details on the improvements of FFVII Remake on PS5


During the most recent State of Play, it was revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake It will arrive on PS5 in June of this year, this together with an improved version and an additional chapter for the story. In this way, Square Enix has released a new trailer for this title, which gives us a better look at the visual changes we can expect from this installment for the new generation.

As already seen, this version of Final Fantasy VII will feature a series of improvements in lighting, shadows, textures, loading times, fog, and more. Alongside this, two different performance modes will be added. The first of these is focused on giving priority to 4K resolution over frame rate. The second allows us to play at 60fps, but with a somewhat low graphic quality. Finally, we must not forget the inclusion of the photographic mode and its different filters.

The new trailer also reminds us that all those who already have their copy of the game on PS4, either physically or digitally, they will be able to obtain all these visual improvements for free. However, the episode starring Yuffie exclusive to the PS5 will have to be purchased separately. Similarly, those who downloaded FFVII Remake via PS + will not be able to get the next-gen version for free. The other option available is to purchase Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and enjoy the visual enhancements and additional content in one package.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade coming to PlayStation 5 on June 10, 2021. In related topics, here you can check the new images of this game. Similarly, there will be no more DLC for the title after Intergrade.