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Star Trek, announced the new film of the saga

Star Trek, announced the new film of the saga

The director of the next Star Trek movie finally has a name: we reveal it to you along with (part of) his rich and promising resume.

The new movie from Star Trek finally has a director, and the feature film that will follow up on 2016’s Beyond boasts a first-rate director. The film saga has brought back the protagonists of the original TV series, albeit with new interpreters justified by a new timeline.

The new movie saga put actors Zachary Quinto (Sylar in Heroes) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman) in their respective roles as Spock and Kirk. In one of his last appearances on the big or small screen, Leonard Nimoy reprized the role that anointed him as “Spock Prime”.

Now, the director of the new Star Trek movie finally has a name. It is none other than Mark Shakman, known for having his work with WandaVision. The first (second in the original plans) Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney + adapted the love story between Vision and Scarlet Witch, with a hint of the 2015 Vision comic.

For Shakman it will be a not indifferent transition, having been WandaVision one of his first roles in the director’s chair thanks to the background from former sitcom actor in Ten are few as a child. He also played a role as director for the irreverent It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

With Cut Bank: Crime Calls Crime he made his film directorial debut in 2014, and now the Enterprise is calling him back to the big screen. It will be fun to see him grappling with the cosmic feats of Uhura, McCoy, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov and company, especially given the success of experiments similar directors.

The franchise itself has also experienced a lot recently. The sci-fi series among the most beloved of all time has also tried the path of animation for adults with Star Trek: Lower Decks, which, as the title suggests, shows us what really happens in the lower sectors of the colossal space station.

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