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Super Mario 64: a site allows you to play it on your browser

Super Mario 64: a site allows you to play it on your browser

Some users have created a website where you can play Super Mario 64 without any installation, right from your browser.

Among all, Super Mario 64 it is certainly one of the most appreciated titles, if not the most appreciated, of those dedicated to the iconic house plumber Nintendo, a real milestone in the gaming industry. It is therefore not difficult to understand why, even today, this is one of the titles with the protagonist Super Mario which is talked about most often.

Super Mario 64 was made available on Nintendo Switch for a limited time together with Super Mario Sunshine And Super Mario Galaxy within the collection Super Mario 3D All-Stars (our review at this link). Today it is a highly sought-after title, so much so that it has prompted users to create a website through which it is possible to play it.

In recent days, a website has emerged that allows you to play Super Mario 64 directly from your own browser, without the need to install any files and with the possibility of save your progress and even to connect a controller.

The game also turns out very fluid, without any hint of lag, and with a very good resolution. Also from the graphic point of view there do not seem to be problems of any kind and there are even the sounds and the soundtrack original game.

It is possible that, for obvious reasons, Nintendo will delete this website as soon as possible, since – we particularly want to remind you – it is an activity altogether illegal, as it consists in downloading and playing a ROM without owning the original copy, resulting in piracy. Among other things, it would not be the first time that Nintendo has removed a content it owns that has been modified by users.

Super Mario 64 was Mario’s first 3D adventure and introduced a control scheme that was carried over from all of his subsequent 3D adventures. Jump from wall to wall, perform back flips and even soar as you explore Princess Peach’s castle paintings to collect stars and stop Bowser!