Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Here is what was shown during the Nintendo Direct

Today, November 1st, Nintendo broadcast the latest Direct dedicated to the next chapter of the fighting game saga born from …

Today 1 November, Nintendo sent the last one Direct dedicated to the next chapter of the fighting game saga born from the mind of Masahiro Sakuraithat is to say Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. During the live event, the creator of the title spoke extensively about various aspects of the game, about the playable characters (and those that will be added), and also about the modes that will be possible to play during the sessions.

First thing Sakurai presented the two characters who were missing from the roll call in roster basis of the title (which now counts well 74 fighters). The two character in question are Ken, from Street Fighter (Echo of Ryubut with some slight differences in gameplay and movements) e Incineroarthat is the long-awaited “pokemon of the last generation released ”which (as tradition has it) is added to each new chapter of the fighting game saga.

In addition, new ones were also presented during the live helpers who will be able to take part in the fights in favor of one of the players involved. These non-playable (but definitely playable) characters come to be ben 59and those shown in this Direct I am:

  • Yuri Kazukatafrom Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water
  • Isaacfrom Golden Sun
  • Black Knightfrom Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  • Twomp, from the Super Mario series
  • Spring Manfrom Arms
  • Dr. Wily’s capsulefrom Mega Men 7
  • Insects and Handby Mario Paint
  • Tikifrom Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Leofrom the Art Academy series
  • Guilefrom the Street Fighter series
  • Akirafrom the Virtua Fighter series
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After presenting all these assistants in bulk, Sakurai moved on to talk about the various modes in the game, including the brand new mode “Spirits”. This particular game mode will allow you to give life to incredible and unthinkable clashes, making use of particular characters (called precisely spirits) which will modify some aspects of the characters on which they will be applied.

These spirits will also be able to duplicate the character on the pitch assigned to a single player or upgrade them in other ways. The peculiarity of this game mode is all in the ability of the players to create a good one build among spirits “fighters“(Which can be trashed to get tokens or upgraded through the gym or food) and spirits”helpers”Which will further increase the effect of the former.

Spirits are divided into categories: Beginners, Rising Stars, Aces and Legends. In addition, the latter can belong to three different categories (attack, hold or defense). In the clashes, the advantage will not be whoever manages to create the build stronger but more balanced, taking into account the character played, the fighting spirit adopted and selected helping spirits.

Once this mode has been described in detail, Sakurai also showed the two types of multiplayer (local and online), describing the various game menus, and paying particular attention to the search algorithm for online matches and to the settings and options that can be decided before the start of the local matches. In particular, in this title it will even be possible to adjust the power level of individual characters (this only and exclusively in certain customized games).

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In addition, the creator of the saga has also announced a great return, namely the mode Melee, well known among longtime players (and which this time will be usable from the first minutes of the game). More Sakurai also showed some new ones “Mii Set” that it will be possible to obtain in game, i.e .:

  • Set from Yigafrom the Legend of Zelda series
  • Splatoon Set 2directly from the game of the same name
  • Ribbon Girl Set, by Arms
  • Chibi-Robo setfrom the game of the same name
  • Ray MK III setfrom the Ray MK series
  • Toy-Con Set, as a tribute to Nintendo Labo

Said this Sakurai also spoke about the 5 additional content which are in development and whose content will be defined after the release of the original game. Meanwhile, we know that each package will contain one scenery, a set of songs and a new character (all for the price of € 5.99 per package).

Obviously it will be possible to get all the packages with a single shot through the purchase of the “Fighters Pass” at the price of € 24.99. Also, by purchasing this Pass, you may be entitled to one special pack (composed of Mii Set, spirits and songs) theme Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

More Sakurai spoke of a particular addition dedicated to the first buyers of the title. In fact, for all those who will buy the title on the Nintendo e-Shop or in cartridge and will redeem the appropriate Nintendo coins by November 31, 2018will get the character of the Piranha plantfrom the series of Super Mario. We specify that it is a real playable character, which will be added to the already huge roster only two months after the release of the game.

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Last but not least, the creator of the famous fighting game saga talked about the new ones Amiibo which will be added with the release of the title, which will be:

  • Inklingfrom Splatoon 2
  • Ridleyfrom the Metroid series
  • Wolffrom the Star Fox saga

In addition there will also be theAmiibo dedicated to Piranha Plant, which, however, will be released only on February 15, 2019. Before closing the live permanently Sakurai showed a short video, in which the incipit of the adventure mode present in this new chapter of the saga, and the gameplay structure that the latter will have.

Are you interesting in the new chapter of the series Super Smash Bros.? You are interested in this home fighting game Nintendo? Have you ever played one of the previous chapters of the saga? Let us know yours with a comment!