Tech giants are looking to Colombia: Duque’s advisor on digital issues

“Apple, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, are seeing the opportunities in Colombia,” said Víctor Muñoz in Mañanas BLU.

Victor Munoz, presidential advisor for digital issues, in Mornings BLU referred to the meeting of Iván Duque with leaders of the technological giants of Silicon Valley, tour in which the president was oriented towards the achievement of strategic alliances in investment matters and cooperation agreements. The official highlighted that top-level companies are turning their gaze to Colombia.

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Apple, Cisco, Google and Microsoft they are seeing the opportunities in Colombia, ”said Muñoz.

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“They are interested in growing their operations that many already have in the region. This in concrete terms will be reflected in more investment in the country, generation of new jobs, in a lot of work around digital talent”He added.

Muñoz assured that the intention of Government by activating and strengthening these commercial relationships, idea is to activate the ecosystem of the orange economy.

This is orange economyLet’s not forget that one of the components has technology-based companies. This is part of the ecosystem generation, as well as the interest that has been generated in the creation of content for companies such as Netflix and Amazon ”, stated the expert.

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