The Definitive Guide: Buying Online

Buying online is usually a rather cumbersome task if we do not know where to move. Today we will discuss in “The definitive guide” to help you buy better online.

The ABC of online shopping

The Definitive Guide: Buying Online

For some people shopping online it is a challenge because they don’t feel safe when choosing a product or simply distrust the thousands of offers that swarm hundreds and hundreds of sites.

For this we have created this ABC of Internet shopping.

  • The first rule is to distrust the great offersNot everyone, but some people and stores take advantage of people.
  • The second rule is to compare, investigate, find out, not stay with a single opinion of the product we want to buy.
  • Positive ratings are always easier to find, look at negative feedback first so as not to find surprises when we buy.
  • Product photographs can often be misleading, pay special attention to this point.
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Before buying

First we must know where we can find the product we want.

For example, in our case we are looking for a technological product, the best stores are (without specific order):

  • Amazon.
  • AliExpress.
  • Banggood.
  • Gearbest.
  • Geekbuying.
  • TomTop.

Of course there are many more, but these six are among the best known.

The second step is to visit these stores looking for a product, for example a smartphone, although before choosing to buy the cheapest one we must take into account several things, such as:

  • If it is a device with 3G / 4G / 5G connectivity, we must verify the frequency bands used in our country. This Web can help you with it.
  • Also, if you are going to buy products that have a transformer (routers, hubs, printers, etc.) check that the output voltage is the one that corresponds to your country, that is, 110V or 220V.
  • The specifications of a product are always very important to know it, but in the case of Internet purchases you must pay attention to the weight of the product, if you don’t you may be surprised when customs stop it.
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I am determined to buy online

The Definitive Guide: Buying Online

Once you decide to buy, you only have to see the means of payment and shipping that the seller (or the store) has.

Amazon is a store, as such send your products as a wholeThat is why it allows you to do what is known as consolidating packages, that is, putting together several packages in a shipment.

AliExpress for example works through vendors and every seller equals one shipment.

Therefore, it is advisable (if the number of packages allowed is restricted in your country) to opt for products from the same seller.

The shipping is the additional cost that we will pay for the store or the seller to send us the product that we buy to where we live.

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In general, shipping is not very expensive, except if we opt for services such as FedEx or DHL, the latter known as EMS.

I’m going to buy online!

The Definitive Guide: Buying Online

Once we understand all of the above, we can buy safely, and for this we must know the payment methods:

  • Credit or debit cards.
  • PayPal.

How obvious that credit and debit cards need no explanation. We decided to explain what it is PayPal.

PayPal allows you to pay with virtual or electronic money our purchases and assures us that if we decide to cancel the purchase or the product does not arrive, arrives in poor condition, etc., we can count on our money no disputes involved.

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Banggood o GearBest allow you to pay with PayPal, so although their prices are usually higher than those of stores such as AliExpress, security when canceling is another.

Once we complete our data, add the products and buy, it only remains to wait a few hours for our order to be prepared.


How to track our order

The Definitive Guide: Buying Online

To know that our order is on its way or where it is we can track it.

For this, once we buy and they confirm the order, they will give us a number of 9 digits and two letters, something like a SE123456789CN that through applications or websites as 17Track allows us to track the package (or packages).

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But special attentionSome shipments do not have tracking, so we recommend opting for the small additional charge that we are charged to track our product.

The product has arrived

If you receive your product at home, great, enjoy it! but if it is retained What about customs?

Each country has its customs legislation, for example, we have countries in which products sent by EMS (DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc.) always go through customs and with this we must pay an extra cost depending on the value of the product.

In general, this cost can be calculated on the websites of the EMS in your country.

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You already know, if Customs detects something irregular, or a price lower than the declared one, among many other reasons, You must present all the documentation and pay that extra cost.

Bonus Track: Applications and websites to find the best deals

The Definitive Guide: Buying Online is an interesting website that provides results based on products published on Amazon and allows you to search for offers.

It also allows you to search for the products that have dropped the most in price on specific dates and more.

AliTools is an app and also a browser extension that allows you to use even more functions than with because we can compare prices in different stores and know when the price of the product is cheaper.

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We highly recommend this last website, we use it very often, great for bargain hunting.

Now, with this guide, shopping online may no longer be so difficult.

If you have any suggestions, this will be more than welcome.