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The DualSense could have customizable plates


It seems that the covers of the PS5 will not be the only thing that could be customized in the next generation of Sony. Recently, a youtuber took on the task of opening the Dual Sense, the console control, and found that removing the faceplate is relatively easy, suggesting that players could exchange this part of the accessory for custom designs in the possible future.

YouTuber John Glasscock recently posted a video where we can see how the faceplate is removed without much trouble. In this way, it opens the door to a possible market focused on creating different plates for the PS5 controls, as long as they have the approval of Sony.

But nevertheless, at the moment there is no official confirmation that this is possible, and it’s unknown if removing the faceplate will have a negative impact on the DualSense’s warranty, so we don’t recommend doing this until we have more information in the future.

This is not all that has been discovered when opening the DualSense, as the controller’s internal battery power has been revealed. Similarly, here we tell you what is the big change that this accessory has compared to the DualShock 4.

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