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The Elder Scrolls Online – Guide to getting the Pale Order Ring

The Elder Scrolls Online – Guide to getting the Pale Order Ring

In today’s guide we will explain in detail how to get the Pale Order Ring within The Elder Scrolls Online,

After a rather difficult start, The Elder Scrolls Online has been able to conquer a rich and loyal community of fans thanks to the continuous release of content, including new maps, missions and objects that can be used in-game. These include in particular the Ring of the Pale Order, one of the most powerful tools in the entire game. Since that object however, it can only be obtained after having found the five pieces that make it up, we have decided to make a The Elder Scrolls Online themed guide to explain how to get all five pieces of the Pale Order Ring.

Here is The Elder Scrolls Online’s guide to getting the Pale Order Ring

The first piece you need to get is called Aurmine Ancestral Signet and is located in the territories of Daggerfall Covenant. Once in the area, you will have to explore the Bangkorai area and open the various chests that you will find until you get the piece of Ring. Unfortunately, since the chests in question will be random, you will simply have to have a little luck.

The second piece is the Direnni Elegy Loop and you will always find it in the Daggerfall Covenant area. In this case, fortunately, you just need to take a specific action to get the object, which is to eliminate the boss of the Coldrock excavations located in the Alik’r desert.

The third piece, known as Order-Etched Gallery Rail, is instead found in the Glenubra dungeon and you will find it by rummaging through the remains of some mobs in the area that you have defeated. Again, the item will be generated randomly, so you just have to have luck in eliminating the right enemy.

The fourth piece, or the Golden Band, will only be obtainable if you have the Markarth DLC, as you can only find it in Blackreach. Specifically, you’ll find the Ring piece in Nighthollow Keep, on the east side of Arkthzand Cavern. Unfortunately, the item has a set respawn time, so in case someone gets ahead of you, you’ll have to wait a bit.

To get the last piece of the Ring, the Onix Accent Stones, you will need the Wrothgar DLC, as the only way to get it is to kill the related world bosses. Again, the item will be randomly generated, so you’ll have to defeat the various bosses until you find the fifth piece of the Ring.

With that, our The Elder Scrolls Online guide to getting the Pale Order Ring concludes. Hoping that everything has been of help to you, we remind you that on our pages you can find the review of The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood, the latest expansion of the Bethesda production.