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The first leaked images of the Galaxy Tab S4 appear


We have time listening to the arrival of the successor to the well-known line of Samsung tablets, however the days go by and we have no news. The South Korean manufacturer a few days ago announced an event in New York City for next August, here the presentation of the Galaxy Tab S4, although it could also debut in the IFA 2018. While her presentation arrives, data from her is filtered again, and this time we can see her from various angles.

Android Authority was the one who has released the render Of the device. We can see the back as the front. On the front we can see the screen with a slightly longer ratio than previous generations. Samsung has removed the physical buttons at the bottom and has integrated them into the panel, the samsung logo has also been removed.

As for the rear. we can see the AKG logo next to that of the company, which may mean that in this device we will see a good audio quality in speakers. The strange thing is that we do not see the fingerprint sensor anywhere, it is possible that it will be replaced by a iris scanner or facial recognition by infrared.

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The render shows a single camera for the front as well as for the rear but for now we do not know its configuration. In the certification that we saw a week ago it was announced that it would have 7300 mAh, 4 GB RAM and a high-end processor from Qualcomm. At the moment no new details have been confirmed about her, so we will have to wait to learn more about her.

What do you think of the design of the new Galaxy Tab?


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