The manufacturer of cameras Light could launch a mobile with up to 9 cameras

The integration of more lenses in smartphones has become a trend in recent months. Currently well-known phone companies such as Apple, Samsung and Nokia are currently working on a triple camera setup. However a new manufacturer plans to go beyond what we have seen so far. According to the Washington Post site, it says that Light is in the process of a smartphone with 9 cameras.

Light is a well-known professional camera manufacturer that a few years ago introduced a new camera the size of a mobile called L16 with a total of 16 lenses that could deliver an image with DSLR quality at the price of 2000 dollars. It seems that now it has been interested in integrating its technologies into a smartphone which will have between five and nine cameras.

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This concept has been thought by Light and the author of the article says: «Light showed me the concept and prototypes of phones that work with between five and nine lenses, yes, nine, on the back. It says its phone design is capable of capturing 64MP shots, better low-light performance, and sophisticated depth effects.

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With this “concept” you can take shots of 64 MP high quality even capable of surpassing most high-end cameras, although at the moment we cannot know any images. We do not know if the manufacturer is working alone or in collaboration with another phone company At the moment no more concrete data has been given on how it will be or what it will integrate but comparing the cost of the aforementioned L16 we can expect a not very low price.

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Do you think it is necessary to add up to 9 cameras on a smartphone?