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  7. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con are compatible with Android devices

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con are compatible with Android devices

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con are compatible with Android devices

One of the most anticipated consoles, the Nintendo Switch, continues to surprise us and give us something to talk about days after its launch. This time the news is not due to any errors or bugs reported, but to the great decision made by Nintendo; since they have made the controls of the new Nintendo Switch compatible with a multitude of devices thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Nintendo Switch, a breath of fresh air in the console market

The versatile and innovative controllers of the new Nintendo Switch, demonized Joy-ConsBesides being a true display of bravery and skill on the part of the Japanese, they are one of the great assets of the new console. If we stop to think about which are the two words that best define these «tools», the first words that come to mind are: skill and connectivity.

Ability since Nintendo has done a great job with their controllers and they have provided them with a simple but efficient and effective technology when playing different games. From a meticulous and precise vibration up to a good number of sensors that will change and they will improve the classic experience when playing with the console.

The Joy-Con compatible «natively» with Android

On the other hand would be the central word in this article, the connectivity, and it is that the Japanese never cease to amaze and have manufactured controllers that are easy to link with other devices. Still, for the moment on Android, despite the fact that this process is very simple – since the drivers are natively recognized by any device-; we must clarify that for the moment not possible to “link and play” as we would with any other gamepad.

This problem can be solved with any of the applications available in the Google Play Store for “Map” controllers, for example Tincore Keymapper. Once the controller is linked, and each button is configured with a function, you will be able to use your Joy-Con with any Android device.

“Nintendo is different”

Although it may seem like simple news, this innovative and daring decision by Nintendo can set the course for other consoles regarding your drivers. On the other hand, given the very rapid advance of Android and the great adaptability that it has been showing in recent years; the number of compatible apps and games that take advantage of the benefits of the Joy-Con can rise like foam within the Google Play Store. On the other hand, console emulators they are something very well known in this mobile system, so Nintendo should be on the lookout for this as well.

Finally, it is appreciated that the Japanese have made this wise decision and hopefully in the future, more manufacturers will take an example of this good decision. For the moment, we can only wait and see how the Android ecosystem assimilates this compatibility and how many apps and games they offer us to make the most of it. Hopefully, as always, our favorite system continues to advance and surprise us as it has been to date.

And you do you think? Does the one made by Nintendo seem like a good decision to you? If you own the Nintendo Switch, will you use the Joy-Con with an Android device? Tell us in the comments, we listen to you!