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  7. The Nokia 2 passes the FCC and shows a 4000 mAh battery

The Nokia 2 passes the FCC and shows a 4000 mAh battery

The Nokia 2 passes the FCC and shows a 4000 mAh battery

The nokia 2 is another of the devices that the company HMD-Global present before the end of the year. This device has recently passed through the agency that certifies electronic products in the United States (FCC) and has revealed part of its specifications.

According to leaked data, the nokia 2 could be the device of the Finnish company to have the battery with the highest milliamps, in this particular case it will have nothing more and nothing less than 4000mAh.

Supposed technical specifications

The Nokia 2 will be the cheapest device it will sell HMD-Global and therefore we do not expect state-of-the-art specifications. We will have a 5-inch screen with resolution Full HD 1920*1080 pixels and the processor that will be in charge of giving life to this device will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 212.

The RAM memory that will accompany this chip will be 1GB and probably the internal storage is between the 8 and 16GB plus the port for MicroSD memory. Other of the ventilated specifications is that the nokia 2 It will only have one camera and it will be the main one and the operating system in charge of its operation will be Android 7.1 Nougat.

All this hardware will be powered by a battery of 4000mAh, with which this new device will surely reach the end of the day with peace of mind. However, there is previous data that stated that the battery of the Nokia 2 would be 2800mAh, so we recommend you to be very careful with this information.

What do you think of the specifications?