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The PS4 has already exceeded 113 million units sold


As part of the most recent financial report of Sony, the company revealed that its flagship console, the Playstation 4, has already managed to sell 113.6 million units throughout its life cycle, and during the last three months they sold 1.5 million units.

In reality this represents a decline compared to last year, when it sold 2.8 million consoles during the same period of time, although it is important to note that the console suffered from some shortage due to the crisis of the COVID-19. It’s also been several years since the system received any kind of price break, something the company should consider doing with the arrival of the Playstation 5 next month.

Although the video game division dominated the net income of Sony, with $988 million dollars generated this year, sony pictures, quite surprisingly, it managed to generate $2.99 ​​billion dollars. This Christmas period will be extremely important for the organization and its income, especially with the arrival of PS5.

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