DualSense, PS5

The PS5 and DualSense receive a new update

Almost a month after the launch of the PS5, Sony has released a new update for its new console. Unlike the other firmware enhancements we’ve seen lately, this new version also decides to take into account the DualSense, and fix a couple of problems related to the control.

Version 20.02-02.30.00 of the PS5 is now available and, in addition to improving the overall stability of the console, the new update fixes an issue that prevented the correct transfer of information from a PS4. Similarly, the text on some PS4 titles has been corrected, and connectivity with some Wi-Fi routers has been improved.

Finally, when the console update is finished, the PS5 will ask you to connect the DualSense, which gives it a new firmware version. However, there are no patch notes regarding the control, so Sony may have only fixed a couple of minor bugs.

All you need to download this update is to go to Settings> System> System software> System software update and configuration> System software update. On related issues, the sequels to Spider-Man and Days Gone would be exclusive to the PS5. Similarly, someone threw the console into an industry shredder, and here is the video.

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