The PS5 is doubling the sales of the Series X in the gray market

According to a new report from Business Insider, the PlayStation 5 is doubling the sales of the X series in the gray market, that is, through resellers and other unofficial distribution sources. The interesting thing about all this is that the console Sony it is even selling at a price much higher than that of Microsoft.

Apparently the PS5 sells on average for $ 900, while the X series it sells on average for $ 729. It is worth noting that this price is usually the initial one, since auctions for both platforms usually raise their cost by up to more than a thousand dollars.

Another site known as StockX, which calls itself “the first stock market for products”, claims to have facilitated the sale of more than 60 thousand consoles PS5 and X / S Series, This is due to the crisis of resellers and lack of stock that we have seen since both consoles were launched.

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