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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S would be presented at MWC 2018


2 days ago we told you excellent news, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi will be present at MWC 2018. Thanks to this news, rumors have grown that the Xiaomi Mi 7 would be presented at the said event, but today there are new rumors that the Mi7 would not be the only mobile device to be presented at this event, as the Xiaomi Mix 2S could surprise and come to light.

This is the only image that has been leaked about the design which would carry the Xiaomi Mix 2S, we cannot say that it is true, because we doubt that this mobile has the famous “notch” of iPhone X from Manzana. According to some rumors from different Chinese websites, this mobile device from Xiaomi would carry the latest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, accompanied by 6GB of RAM. The inches that the screen will carry is not yet known, but rumors indicate that the aspect ratio of 19.5: 9. The dual camera may be in this device, because lately the Chinese company is using dual cameras a lot to make possible the bokeh effect that we all love.

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Finally we have a suggestion that it would carry facial recognition as a security method and of course the fingerprint reader. On the subject of price, there are many differences in the sites, but we can make a small estimate of the price and it would be around $412 US dollars, none of this information is confirmed, but they are rumors from sites that have often hit the target with the different news published

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