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These are the models that will update to the new iOS 12


Today apple presented the new version of its operating system which comes with notable improvements over the previous version. The most important changes are related to speed and performance, it also comes with new features such as Facetime, augmented reality, and some other things. All this was revealed at the event WWDC. One of the most interesting things about this system iOS 12 is that it will come to devices that may currently have version 11 of iOS. Therefore older devices prior to iPhone 6 will not be able to get the version

These are all the devices that will be able to update to iOS 12, (this list includes iPhones, iPads and iPods):

iPhone phones

iPad devices

ipod touch

These are all the devices compatible with iOS 12. Another good news about the news is that, according to the company, the camera will open 70 percent faster. The opening of applications will improve by 40 percent and the keyboard fifty percent. Siri also comes with new functions, the shortcut function has been added, through the assistant you can ask to do various tasks at home There has been no direct talk about its launch date but it should begin to be implemented in the coming months. For now the new version looks good, but it remains to be seen how it really works.

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