This smart band hits its lowest price on Amazon

It is your opportunity to get a smart band, and beware that we are not talking about just anyone. It is the Amazfit 5, a band that has the great peculiarity of resembling the Mi Band 5; but with slight improvements in terms of its specifications.

For those who do not have knowledge of the benefits of obtaining a smart band, do not worry in this post we will talk about some of its functionalities; and believe me when I tell you that this little wearable can become in a vital accessory in your day to day. The best of all is that we will be able to acquire it at a reasonable price that you will not be able to pass up, we are sure of it.

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Amazfit 5 a very complete smart band

This smart band hits its lowest price on Amazon

We are facing a smart band with a screen color and AMOLED technology, two spectacular combinations to see notifications; not to mention that outdoors it will help us on a large scale, thanks to the intensity of colors due to their quality. And as we said before, it has a huge resemblance to the Mi Band 5, which can be a problem when purchasing it because it creates some confusion.

But, we believe that the Amazfit 5 is much more complete due to the incorporation of the sensor to measure the Blood Oxygen; functionality that in our times has become something fundamental and important. On the other hand we have Alexa as a virtual assistant; through it we will be able to execute various voice commands, such as translating words, set alarms, schedule tasks and events, and little else. Yes, it is a reality that is very basic; but right now there are very few devices that achieve this.

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This smart band hits its lowest price on Amazon

Other benefits of this accessory are the 11 modes dedicated to sport, resistant up to 50 meters underwater, microphone, Women’s Health Mode, remote control for photosIn short, a lot of options that can be advantageous. It is important to mention that according to the company this Amazfit is capable of giving us up to 10 days autonomy through normal use, and 25 in a moderate way. This means that the more sensors we have active, the more consumption will be, this is the case in any technological product.

We believe that this device safeguards certain fundamental parameters that can become relevant, in addition to being very comfortable to wear. In the event that it has caught your attention, we are pleasantly surprised that you can purchase it for only 28.90 euros on Amazon; so don’t waste time and buy it.

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