In this video we present a top of the 4 things that were easier before the arrival of new technologies. Surely you have missed more than one of them, because before the actions that were very common and simple to do until new ways and new means to do them were invented. Let’s list the 4 things (for the moment) that were simplest:


Since sensors were invented, washing hands has become easier and cleaner, but when this fails, washing becomes an ordeal.


If we have our hands full, this type of automatic doors are very useful. For this there are different methods on how to use them, which helps us a lot. Although the key will never go out of style.


It was not thought of years ago to carry a lot of money on a small card. Nowadays, carrying money is very dangerous and to avoid carrying so much money, it is more practical to use a debit or credit card. The problem is when you go somewhere and this payment method does not exist and there is no ATM to withdraw cash.


A few years ago, since the arrival and invasion of smartphones in the world, it brought a massive connection that brought many people closer together and communications became really faster and more useful. But the problem is that these devices accompany people to the bathroom and in public places, which causes distraction to lead to an accident.

We leave you with the count in the video and we hope you can comment and share it.

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