Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

With the new Monster Hunter XX approaching the Nintendo 3DS and Switch, new Monsters will soon arrive on the hunting list such as the new variants of Mizutsune, Gammoth and Astalos, among others, but do not forget that there will also be the old Monsters of this generation of Monster Hunter.

In part I am happy, because I will be able to continue hunting those Monsters that every second give me an incredible fight, but I will also be somewhat annoyed by those Monsters that despite giving me good weapons or items, they hardly let me play, and I do not mean Monsters that they defeat you in a short time but they are Monsters that LITERALLY they don’t let me fight; Either because they always move from one side or the other, because the blows almost always bounce or because they always give me status attacks (I have enough with the Malboro from Final Fantasy). Here are the 10 Unplayable Monsters of Monster Hunter Generation

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Before we start I will define a few things:

1) This is a personal opinion, based on my experience with my departure from MHGEN

2) Variant Monsters will be out, in this Top will only be their original forms

3) As I mentioned above the monsters that kill you in no time will also be out because I consider them as challenges, NO as unplayable, because they force you to have better armor and weapons to defeat them.

Without further delay let’s get started. . .

Honorable Mentions: Velocidrome, Gendrome, Lodrome and Gran Maccao

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

After playing Monster Hunter for more than 100 hours, one sees these Wyvern Birds as hitting sacks rather than monsters, but the first hours of play are a totally different story.

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Velocidrome with his Velociprey mini-army, Gendrome with his Genprey mini-army and paralyzing attacks, Lodrome with his Loprey mini-army and his poisonous attacks and Great Maccao with his Maccaos mini-army and his jump attacks. Those four Monsters always have their mini-armies attacking from all directions and although their attacks are weak, their grace was to keep you busy while the Dromes and Big Maccao hit you from behind, and even though all those Monsters have low HP, the The first few hours of Monster hunter Generation made all those Monsters stay around for a bit as the weapons were as strong as a toothpick.

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10th Malfestio

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

Although this Monster is one of my favorites because of its design, its status attacks make this Monster unplayable, especially when in Hyper mode.

First is his “Sleep” state attack that has a fairly long range (enough to take you by surprise), after you fall asleep in a few seconds this Owl is already making another attack and almost 80% of those times it is his strongest attack, luckily this attack is only one way. But the grace of Malfestio is its other status attack, “Confusion”, which as it comes to you (and of course it will) will reverse all your movement controls for several seconds. . .or until this Monster hits you with another strong attack.

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9th Nibelsnarf

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

This Sand Monster has a pretty simple attack pattern …
Step One: Hide sand
Step Two: Perform a Surprise Attack
Third Step: Make a running attack or “Water Plague” status attack
Step Four: Repeat the entire process several more times
Luckily that Monster is weak to bombs, leaving it vulnerable for a few seconds but to do that first it will need to place at least one bomb, which the Nibelsnarf does not allow, either because of its attacks or because it simply leaves the area. from where you placed the bomb.

8th Daimyo Hermitaur

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

Also known as the “Shield Crab”, this Monster has a stupidly large shell that covers 70% of his body, while his claws cover him 20% and he spends 90% curling up to defend himself and waste time, while the other 10% spend the whole time spinning while striking with their pliers, jumping that seems physically impossible considering the heavy shell they have, hiding in the sand and then shoving their horn under you or shooting jets of water with status of “Plague de Agua”. The most advisable thing would be to have the ability “Fencing” or “Destroyer” to be able to fight with this crab.

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7th Cephadrome

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

This distant cousin of the Nibelsnarf also has a fairly simple attack pattern …
Step One: Hide in the sand as soon as the fight begins
Step Two: Move from side to side for 15 minutes
Third Step: Attack the Hunter as if he were going to give you a leg up
Fourth Step: Repeat the whole process and if you want, add a “Paralysis” or “Water Plague” status attack.
And unlike the Nibelsnarf this one does not swallow the bombs so you will have to wait those 15 minutes for that super developed fish to come out.

6th Rajang

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

I know that many will agree that this Monster is on this list but I do not place it because its blows are exaggeratedly strong (well … partly yes) but because all the damn time it moves from one side to another and when it enters his Super Saiyan phase, those jumps (and blows) multiply, and the Rajang does not care if you are 10 meters from him because, before you know it he will already be throwing a stone at your head, giving a lunge , to finish you off with his electric laser, all in less than 3 seconds. I hope for the Monster Hunter XX that Wombo combo starts at 4 seconds and not at 3.

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Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

5th Blangonga

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

I will just summarize it in a quick way, this Monster is a version (luckily weaker) of the Rajang, who like him, all the time is jumping from one side to another, hitting with his arms and throwing snowballs at you. head as towards the Rajang with its stones. But what makes it a higher place than the Rajang was because of the last attack I said of the Blangonga, well, as I give you that Snowball or its icy breath you will receive the alternate state of “Snowman”, being unable to attack and move freely.

Tip: ALWAYS carry Cleaner to face this Monster.

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4th Cursed Rathalos

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

OK, I lied when I said that there would be no variants but the Angry Rathalos is an exception. The first time I faced him (in “Damn V” thanks to a friend) I thought it would be the same as facing a Silver Rathalos (Fire everywhere and some attacks that send you straight to the Village Hospital) But I was Completely wrong, the first time I tried to hit him the gun bounced, and the second, and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth, and that was all the “blows” I gave him during my first battle because after that, He spent most of the damn time in the sky throwing fireballs at me and diving down to poison me. For a long time I dodged his attacks waiting for him to come down but when that Monster finally hit the ground, he immediately started running straight towards me and then back up for the rest of that “fight”. When I finally finished the mission (with our Mission Failure), my patience was completely exhausted, because unlike the original Rathalos that gives an epic battle or the Silver Rathalos that forces you to be stronger, the furious Rathalos was the whole time attacking us from above, without any chance to counterattack.

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3rd Plesioth

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

I’ll just summarize it because almost everyone knows it. . .
1-Unfairly Large Hitbox

2-Phantom Blows every two by three

3-Alternate state of “Plaga de Agua”

4-The Grace of the Plesioth, staying in the water for almost an eternity

I’m honestly happy that in MH4U I could easily kill that thing.

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

2nd Yian Garuga

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

This Yian Kut-Ku on Rathian s******s, in addition to giving toxic blows with his tail, throws fireballs in three different directions (and with my luck they always hit me when I’m recovering with a potion), and when he’s enraged it’s when you can let go of the console because you will not be able to do anything, since it is ALWAYS roaring when an attack ends and although these can be dodged by rolling, it does not give any sign of when it is going to roar, then it approaches and then does an aerial somersault to hit you with its toxic tail that takes 1/3 of your life bar plus the status of “Poisoning”.

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1st Gypceros

Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

And the first place of the Monster Unplayable This Top is taken by Gypceros, alias, the “Strange Toxic Bird.” The first thing I will mention about this bird is that it loves to move from one side to the other while moving its head as if it were drugged up to its eyebrows; second, that after performing that strange run that no Monster in their right mind would perform, he likes to wave his elastic tail with a long attack range.

But what really makes this Monster hateful are three things; one, who loves to attack with his toxic saliva, which when it falls to the ground expands to form a puddle, which if you don’t realize it you will step on and poison yourself; two, that this monster from time to time plays dead and then throws a tantrum, or that he approaches you to steal an item from your inventory (that includes the map) and finally his special attack that no other Monster has in Monster Hunter Generation, and that’s the one to light his nose to give you the alternate state of daze, and then poison you with his toxic saliva.

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Top unplayable monsters from Monster Hunter Generations

So the Gypceros takes my hatred and the first place of this Top. And according to you, which is the most unplayable Monster that you hate?