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TV series that you cannot miss in 2016

TV series that you cannot miss in 2016

For several years now, television series have been experiencing one of the most important times in their history, being one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. 2015 was a huge success for fans of these shows and it looks like the next few months are going to be very exciting.

Here is a list of television series that you should have on your radar for what will be this 2016. We await your comments on this. What show are you most looking forward to next year?

–Marvel’s Luke Cage (Season 1 – 2016)

After Jessica Jones had a very important success in 2015, Marvel will use 2016 to try to replicate the successes it has had on Netflix with each of its bets. Marvel’s Luke Cage has the important mission of continuing the legacy left by predecessors.

–Better Call Saul (Season 2 – February 15)

Breaking Bad is considered by many to be the best television series of all time and after its huge commercial success, it was decided to release a new spin-off project based on one of the most endearing characters we saw in the history of Walter White and company. The first season of Better Call Saul left some mixed feelings, however, the sequel promises a lot.

–Game of Thrones (Season 6 – April 24)

It is hard to think of a television series that raises more passions than Game of Thrones. The HBO project based on the novels by George RR Martin has been a success with each of its seasons. In April of this year the story continues with the sixth part in the midst of enormous expectation.

–The Walking Dead (Season 6 – February 14)

Another of the series that has caused the most sensation for several years now is The Walking Dead. AMC has done a fantastic job adapting the comics to television thanks to very well done scripts. We are just a short time away from the sixth season returns with the promise of an epic conclusion.

–Arrow (Season 4 – January 20)

We are in an age where superheroes almost completely dominate all entertainment media. Evidently, DC Comics wouldn’t let their competition get all the pie in TV series. Arrow returns after an excellent third season in a few more days.

–Legends of Tomorrow (Season 1 – January 21)

The universe within DC Comics television is taking more and more shape and to finish curdling the situation even more, this year Legends of Tomorrow will be launched, which brings together several characters from this production house, also aiming to connect things like Arrow and Flash.

–The Flash (Season 2 – January 19)

Despite all the criticism that the end of its first season received, The Flash showed that it has all the potential to become the new gold mine for DC Comics and Warner Bros. In a very short time we will be seeing the premiere of its second season. Let’s hope the quality continues.

–Gotham (Season 2 – February 29)

The idea of ​​having a series based on the Batman universe always sounded great and to the surprise of many of us, it was decided to only use the universe of this character and not himself, to create it. The first season of Gotham left many dissatisfied, but the truth is that the second is going quite well. Let’s hope that his return continues on the right track.

–Marvel’s Daredevil (Season 2 – March 18)

Daredevil was one of those Marvel characters stained by the terrible work that was done with him in the cinema, however, he was considered the ideal franchise to try to succeed on television, specifically speaking of Netflix. The first season of this show was brilliant, so the excitement for his return in March this year is at full throttle.

–House of Cards (Season 4 – March 4)

Netflix has made it clear to us that it is the platform par excellence to watch exclusive television series. Most likely, the one that shines the most in every way is House of Cards. The story of Frank Underwood masterfully interpreted by Kevin Spacey, has made American politics become the most exciting topic in the world. We just can’t wait for season four to premiere.

–X-Files (Season 1 – January 24)

If you watched television during the nineties, you will surely remember the X-Files with special fondness. The truth is that television is still missing a project of true quality related to science fiction. Let’s hope that the return of this franchise after so many years in the shadows, is as good as we are all waiting for.

–Star Wars: Rebels (Season 2 – January 20)

Our list simply couldn’t be complete without the mention of an animated series. After the good reception that The Clone Wars had, Rebels has become a showcase for all Star Wars fans, regardless of their age. The Disney XD show returns with everything and Princess Leia in a few more days.

–The Strain (Season 3 – Summer)

If anyone knows how to make monsters, that’s Guillermo Del Toro. A few years ago, the Mexican director entered television with The Strain, a fantastic vampire drama that, after its second season, left us wanting much more. Hopefully his return next summer will keep the standard at the levels we’ve grown accustomed to.

–11.22.63 (Season 1 – February 15)

Stephen King stories are always worthy of everyone’s attention when they are adapted to a medium other than books. In February of this year, James Franco will star in 11.22.63, a series that tells us the story of a professor who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.