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UltraHD hit Google Play; here we tell you

UltraHD hit Google Play; here we tell you

The best resolution is the Ultra HDor better known as 4Kwith this resolution You will be able to see even the smallest details, such as the wrinkles of a person. The 4K Netflix is ​​now available, and in a few YouTube videos.

Whereby google play was not going to be left behind, that is why not long ago, to its TV sections and films are already available with Ultra HDin a catalog of 125 movies to buy or rent, from your mobile or computer to enjoy the best resolution currently designed.

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For the transmission of your Android to your Smart TV you will need Chromecast Ultra, for example, like Sony Bravia with Android, but you also have the option of Xiaomi Mi Box 3.

In the list of movies currently made up with the option to 4K They are: The 5th Element, Batman vs Superman, The Lego Movie, Ghostbusters, The Amazing Spider-Man, Lucy, Everest, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Over time, Google wants to bring the Ultra HD to more filmsI already know the next ones to be released or the ones that it already offers on its platform.

Another point to consider is that by having a better resolution for yours films or series the cost will increase by simple logic, you want to get something better, you have to make a greater sacrifice; Whether you want to buy or rent it, the price varies, the sale price would be about $24.99, and for rent or rent it would be $7.99. Which leaves us a big difference with the price of the version of HD.

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Clearly the difference of HD (1280 x 720 pixels) and UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) is considerable, the difference in prices is implied, but to be able to enjoy your movies in UHD you need a screen that has this same technology. What movie buff wouldn’t love to see their film favorite with such resolution that you are able to observe the smallest detail?

Would you be willing to pay for this resolution?