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Upcoming launch of the new Google Clips camera


The next camera Google It doesn’t have a release date yet, but the device has passed an important test, to hit stores by passing its FCC certification, according to rumors. The company announced the camera at its hardware event in October last year alongside major electronics like Pixel 2, pixel book and new devices like GoogleHome.

The FCC filing does not mention the camera by name, but Variety notes that the filing calls the model number as «G015A«, the same number that appeared in the promotional images, for future sale. In the United States it can be reserved at Best Buy with $249, meanwhile in other parts there is no news of her. This camera offers a very good strategy, always carry the camera, take photos and videos for us and then automatically upload them to our cloud in Google Photos. It seems that your sale will be limited to some markets, as they have done with the Pixel Buds , your O’Hub router and devices GoogleHome. We’ll see if this time Google launch this camera to more places and don’t limit yourself, no features have been leaked yet, hopefully it won’t take long to see this new hardware.

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One cool thing is that it looks at everything in its 130-degree field of view, recording little seven-second moving images of things that it finds interesting. It learns faces over time and tries to take more photos of those people and less photos of unknown people, it can also recognize pets. We know that most of the time, Google presents very good products to the market and we hope that this is not the exception.

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