latest, a platform that offers you all the brands in the world at a click

A market place where you can sell and buy all the products you can imagine is what this portal offers.

Andres Iregui, commercial and marketing manager of, the novelty of this online store passed through the microphones of La Nube.

“We are an online shopping portal that allows Colombians to have at their fingertips all the products in the world in a practical, easy and safe way”, He commented. not only provides a space to buy, but also users can use it as a platform to sell your products, no matter what they want to offer.

Iregui, explained how is the process to make the purchase “The methodology is very simple: the person enters the page, registers, selects the product, then adds it to the shopping cart and pays for it through credit, debit or cash card at Baloto or Efecty points”.

  Office users: the apps you can’t miss has coverage in almost all the cities of the country and the delivery of the products has a maximum waiting time of 10 days.