User orders a DualSense from eBay, but is tricked with an Xbox One controller

Due to the lack of inventory of new consoles in stores today, many people resort to buying consoles from third parties. While this can be simple and sometimes even cheaper, buyers are at risk of receiving something they did not order. This is the case of a player who ordered a DualSense on eBay, and received a painted Xbox One controller.

This is the story of user crihyde, who recently shared this tragic transaction on Reddit. It was here that he revealed that after purchasing a DualSense from eBay, received the box of this accessory, but inside was an Xbox One controller that was painted black at the bottom to simulate the colors of the DualSense.

Ordered a ps5 controller off eBay, wtf is this from gaming

At the moment the measures that crihyde took when discovering that his was deceived are unknown, although surely asked for a refund. This is just one of the risks that people who decide to buy online from unofficial sites face. Hopefully this story will eventually have a happy ending, and that it won’t happen again.