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Video shows us in detail the interior of the DualSense


The Dual Sense it is one of the most impressive elements of the PS5. While Sony’s next console has the visual power and performance to rival the Xbox Series X, it’s the console’s control that has impressed all those who have had the chance to get their hands on this accessory. Now, a video recently surfaced of a user completely disassembling the DualSense and shows us in detail the components that make up this piece of technology.

Recently, youtuber TronicsFix took it upon himself to fully open up a DualSense and find out how the haptic feedback and more features work. To begin with, it has been discovered that This control has a 1560 milliamp batteryIn comparison, the DualShock only offers us 1000 milliamps.

As for haptic feedback, we find a modular mechanism of spirals and gears supported by a potentiometer, which control this important element of control. Other minor details is that the vibration motors, motherboard and microprocessors are larger than what we find in the DS4. However, not everything is completely new, since the lever mechanisms of the DualSense are the same as those of the PS4 controller.

Finally, we have an easy to replace USB-C connector. The youtuber was impressed with the technology of the DualSense and has mentioned that adaptive triggers are easy to override. Hopefully with this information now available, it will be easy to repair one of these controls whenever it fails.

We remind you that the PlayStation 5 will be on sale from November 12. On related topics, Resident Evil: Village shows off its features on this console. Similarly, this is what a warehouse full of PS5s looks like.

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