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WandaVision: Marvel surprisingly changes the post-credit scene

WandaVision: Marvel surprisingly changes the post-credit scene

As it emerged on the Reddit platform, Marvel unannounced WandaVision’s post-credit scene with one particular detail.

Several months after the release of WandaVision on Disney +, it seems that Marvel have modified the post-credit scene of the series, inserting a particular detail, of which we do not yet know precise information.

User ANotCoolGuy showed the world a short video, which you can find below, in which you can see a clear difference in the color palette and trees compared to the classic original scene. This detail may not be relevant, but at the end of the very short video we notice how a figure moves transparently on the screen.

Although it is impossible to recognize who it is, fans have obviously ventured various theories to try to understand the meaning of this hidden message from Marvel, which has apparently only appeared for a very short time. The figure in the scene could actually be Doctor Strange, which would be linked to a useful reshoot to insert the scene within the next film.

According to one user, it seems that the masked figure is instead Vision, who flies wearing a hood in the very short frame of the video. Again, we are not dealing with an option to be excluded a priori, even if it must be said that the segment leaves particular room for the imagination, and it is particularly difficult to understand the real subject that Marvel wanted to insert. in the post-credit scene of the WandaVision episode.

Considering the state in which this mysterious detail has presented itself, there was also no lack of theories that indicate what was seen as a simple glitch, which would therefore have no connection with other Marvel products or with the series. From the animation with which the figure moves, to its interaction with the background, it could be an insertion that is too careless to finally turn out to be an Easter Egg or a mysterious link.

Actually, it cannot be ruled out that it is something else, and the short edited excerpt is not clear enough to get further details. We await official confirmations on this, which however could only come when we understand the actual purpose of this change from Marvel.

WandaVision detail I noticed from marvelstudios

According to another user, what we see on the screen is nothing more than a “defect” given by a subject removed from the scene, which therefore caused the problem, who should instead have been invisible and not appear in the episode. It could actually be Vision, Doctor Strange, or yet another character.

We don’t have real confirmation that assures us we’ll never get to see a second season of WandaVision, but it’s very unlikely that this post-credit scene will serve for a detail relating to the possible sequel to the Marvel series. Also recently, actress Elizabeth Olsen confirmed that there are no plans for another season.

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