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WandaVision: the second season will not be done, Elizabeth Olsen confirms

WandaVision: the second season will not be done, Elizabeth Olsen confirms

During a recent interview, Elizabeth Olsen reiterated once again that the second season of WandaVision will not happen.

Among the most popular series of the year on the podium we find without a shadow of a doubt WandaVision, the very popular branded series Disney + And Marvel Studios, which brought to the small screen an incredibly exciting story full of twists, starring the character played by Elizabeth Olsen and which unfortunately will not have a second season.

As we know even before the first season was released, WandaVision will not continue with a second season and the events concerning Wanda Maximoff And Vision will be told in other works of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Despite the official nature of this information, there are many fans who every day hope for the announcement of a hypothetical season, but, in the past few hours, the star actress of WandaVision has returned to reiterate, during a recent chat with Kaley Cuoco, that the second season will not happen.

During this video call, the well-known interpreter of Penny within the beloved comedy series The Big Bang Theory, again asked, on behalf of all fans, if Elizabeth Olsen was willing to reprise the role of Wanda for a second season.

Obviously, the answer gave a negative result, and Olsen in fact reiterated, once again, that WandaVision “is a limited series” and that “with Marvel you can never say no, but for the moment I assure you that nothing is boiling in the pot ».


– vm (@ViralMaterial) June 8, 2021

As mentioned above, this does not mean that we will no longer see Wanda and Vision within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the incredible the final of WandaVision, it is in fact reasonable to expect a return of the two characters.

Persistent rumors would also see Elizabeth Olsen reprise her role as Wanda in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness, the next film dedicated to the Sorcerer Supreme played by Benedict Cumberbatch which will be directed by Sam Raimi, the unforgettable director who also worked on the Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire.