Warner Bros. reiterates that Gotham Knights will be released this year

A couple of weeks ago, Warner Bros. announced that Hogwart’s Legacy, this RPG of Harry Potter developed by Avalanche Studios, it would be delayed until 2022. Logically, it was speculated that the other projects of the company, Gotham knights for example, they would suffer the same fate. Fortunately, it appears that this will not be the case.

According to the official account of WB Games on Twitter, Gotham Knights is still planned to debut in 2021, as announced during its reveal at the DC FanDome. However, we also cannot take this information as a guarantee that the game will arrive in the next 12 months, as there could be a couple of things happening behind the scenes that affect its debut.

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It is important to note that, unlike Hogwart’s Legacy, Gotham knights featured a seven-minute gameplay, which suggests that the game is in a much more advanced state than the future RPG from Avalanche.