We interviewed Clint Hocking, creative director of Watch Dogs: Legion

Next week it will finally reach our hands Watch Dogs: Legion, one of the most anticipated releases of the year. On the occasion of his debut, we had the opportunity to talk with Clint Hockingcreative director of the game, and thanks to this we were able to learn some interesting facts about Legion. Here the complete interview.

Where did the idea of ​​being able to play as any NPC come from?

The idea is something that comes naturally to us from past games; In Watch Dogs 1 we play as Aiden, obviously, and he’s a vigilante, a loner who ends up meeting up with DedSec, this mysterious organization. And in Watch Dogs 2 the first thing we do is recruit Marcus to join DedSec and one of the last things you do in the game is play as Marcus, Wrench and Zitara. Watch Dogs 1 is a story about Aiden, Watch Dogs 2 is a story about DedSec as an organization, but also Marcus, so for Watch Dogs Legion we said, ‘what if we took this idea of ​​recruiting all these people with all their little stories and really make it the main theme of the game?’ I think it worked very naturally as a continuation of the previous games.

Aside from this new mechanic of recruiting whoever you want, what other feature should Watch Dogs: Legion players be excited about?

There are many new elements in the game, but what really changes things is the presence of drones everywhere. The Montreal team did a great job building this world, building the combat drones, building the civilian drones, and obviously all the hacking skills that you can use, so obviously there are tons of options, for example some drones have cameras To blind your opponents, combat drones have missiles or stun guns. There are all these new tools that I think are amazing.

Watch Dogs: Legion is obviously a very ambitious game, what is the biggest challenge you and your team faced during its development?

Getting playing any NPC to work was obviously a huge challenge. Not only because of its complexity, to have this simulation where everyone has their friends, their work, their activities and relationships and all those consequences of how to adapt each character systematically and narratively. There are also production issues, like how many scripts do we need to do, how many actors do we need, how are we going to make each character feel different and then how do we make it a cinematic experience and tell this story when you don’t know who’s going to be in the scene, you don’t know what will say, what will they use, not even the color of their skin to achieve correct lighting, so all of that forced us to reinvent cinematic techniques for this specific game, while at the same time we also had to identify where each animation would go, each character, each audio for the system to work. It was something really difficult.

Between Aiden and Marcus, who do you think is the better hacker and why?

Wow, I’ll have to choose a side. I think Marcus is the best hacker because Aiden is just a vigilante who, if I remember correctly, was just hanging out with some hackers who gave him a cool phone and I think it was kind of easy, he just had to press a button to hack things and use these hacks as a weapon. But I don’t think he had the same technological savvy as Marcus and so I think Marcus is a much better hacker.

Watch Dogs Legion will be available next October 29 for PS4 and Xbox One. version of PS5 and Xbox Series X It will arrive in November.