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We review the Nova 2022 Huawei 9 SE | An affordable and modern mobile

We review the Nova 2022 Huawei 9 SE | An affordable and modern mobile

Based on an irresistible price, elegant design, and a set of more than enough specifications, this mobile exceeds all expectations, just a few months after going on sale in our country. Welcome to the analysis of Huawei Nova 2022 9 SE, a new generation terminal that is positioned very well in the mid-range.

What does the Nova 2022 Huawei 9 SE offer?

The reasons why Huawei’s Nova series is so attractive is related to the user segment it is targeting; a young, energetic and creative audience that is always one step ahead when it comes to trends and technology.

Especially when these last two notions are enormously relevant for today’s Internet and for its users; where interpersonal connections, social networks and interactive web environments are nuanced with colossal amounts of multimedia content.

Huawei has carried out a flawless research and development process, making itself known with the 2022 Huawei Nova 9 SE. A mobile that easily adapts to current demands; you and your environment.

Features that speak for themselves

One of the first elements that jump out at you is its rear aspect; for the most interesting, reflections and flashes, depending on the color of the presentation and the degree of inclination that is given. As well as, on the same flank, a set of four cameras headed by an impressive 108-megapixel main camera.

Another factor that stands out is the FullView front panel more than enough 6.87 inches; liquid crystal display with a resolution of 2,388 x 1,080 pixels, an aspect ratio of 20:9 and a refresh rate of 90 hertz. All of the aforementioned framed in dimensions of 164.64 height, 75.55 width, 7.94 mm depth and 191 grams of net weight.

Although the exterior is more than captivating for a mid-range terminal like the Nova 9 SE, there are also some positive surprises inside:

Other technical specifications

The best of Huawei 9 SE?

The Nova 2022 Huawei 9 SE offers four aspects that we consider really significant, in addition to its standard price of COP$1,699,900. Although, as you will see at the end of this review, it is relatively easy to find sales and promotions. Let’s go with the positive points:

  1. HPowerful hardware and software for creating and editing multimedia content.
  2. Powerful high-resolution quad camera enhanced with artificial intelligence.
  3. Huawei SuperCharge ultra-fast charging technology.
  4. Heat dissipation system with graphene technology.

It is worth mentioning, out of curiosity, that these types of features are not seen too often in mid-range mobiles; in other words, less than US$500. Together in the same terminal, in any case.

What are your negative points

After regular testing, we can assure two points in particular as being of greatest concern to some specific users.

The first is the absence of some Google services, in view of the veto that Huawei has suffered. And, as for the second, the lack of 5G connectivity for higher internet speeds.

Where to buy?

You can click on Nova 2022 Huawei and you will be redirected to the official virtual store for our country and so on. enjoy an incredible offer price of 1,399,900 pesos, with a gift included. Not to mention other benefits available such as coupons and payments in installments, in short, we advise you to take a look.