What is electronic invoicing and what is it for?

This is an alternative for companies looking for a digital transformation in their companies.

Liliana Cruz, SAP solutions specialist, explained about the electronic invoicing process that, as of 2019, will be a requirement for all Colombian companies to migrate to this system.

“Electronic invoicing is going from the world of paper to electronic. What we have is a digital world from the time it is broadcast until the DIAN and the final customer arrive, ”Cruz said.

Added that the benefits of this tool are savings in time, resources and contribution to caring for the environment, also transparency in accounting processes.

“It is safe as long as a correct company is chosen in terms of reliability standards,” he said.

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Finally, with electronic invoicing, companies would migrate to the path of digital transformation, which allows them to venture into new technologies that help them adapt to a digital economy and thus facilitate your business procedures.