What is Google Files? How to use?

Have you heard of Google Filesw? Are you curious to know what it is used for and how?

This application was created by Google to free up memory space on our mobile devices, done intelligently.

If you have an Android mobile and you find it a resource of interest, be sure to read what we tell you below.

What is Google Files?

This application has a very clear and clean appearance, with functionalities that give it additional value. The moment we open it, it takes us to a cleaning tab. From it, you can review all the files that take up more space than they should within our terminal. In addition, it offers us the possibility of eliminating said files to free up as much storage space as possible on our mobile; review and delete in the same software.

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Next, we have the Explore tab, where you can see the files saved within the phone storage.

Finally, we find the Share tab, which is used to transfer files between devices that are close to each other. These devices do not need to be connected to the Internet. In order to use it, both terminals are connected to the WiFi, since being on the same network they can both send and receive files quickly and easily.

How to use Google Files?

If you have ever used this application, you may have noticed that the file explorer it includes is a bit limited. It only allows you to locate files by searching for them by category, which becomes somewhat tedious if you have not cataloged it well.

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In the latest version, this section has been improved a lot, so that you can access all the internal storage of the phone and the one in a MicroSD connected to the terminal.

In the event that you want to access your files through Google Files, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter username and password the first time you enter to verify that you are still registered when the application requests it.
  3. Go to the second tab, where you see the Explore sign.
  4. In the upper right you will find a new option, Show Storage Devices. With this you are activating the navigation through all the internal storage of the phone. In this way, you will have permission to browse, but also to delete, copy files or move between their paths. The only place where it cannot be accessed is the root directories of the phone.
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This application is completely free and anyone can download it easily, using the Google Play application market. The iconography of the application is based on Matherial Theme, with a completely white base. Of course, the icons are more rounded and the application contains a greater number of images and animations.

The most important thing in this application is that it allows you to delete documents. To be able to do it in a simple way we will see the steps that appear below:

  • The application will select all the files that we have and meet certain conditions. Only in this way will we get rid of the set of photographs, calls, messages, etc. They take up space on the device and have never been deleted.
  • If you do it in a hurry, you can simply delete those preselected by clicking on confirm and release.
  • If you click on the “View” section, all the files that the application considers harmful will be listed.
  • In addition, all these files can be marked so that they are not selected again, since it may be that we want to recover them.
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Anyway, this application can be of great help to us, but it is very important that you carefully review all the elements that it proposes to delete because they could be irrecoverable depending on the option chosen.

So, if you want to do something fun, download Google Files and start using it, because it will let you, from the beginning, check the dirt that your phone has and it will show you what it could gain e, n when space.