What to do with electronic waste?

Green It has arrived in the country, a program that aims to recycle electronic waste.

Irú Scolari, sales manager for the Furukawa Connectivity System line, told La Nube about what It is about the Green It program, launched in Colombia on the occasion of World Environment Day.

“In this program the focus is on the recycling of electronic waste, basically it consists of bringing electrical communication cables, in which the main components are plastic and copper, and they are reused in companies, hospitals, airports or those who want to change the wiring ”, he revealed.

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Scolari assured that this waste leads to a serious problem and, if it is not recycled, Over time they contaminate the soil, reaching the layer of water that serves as a source of drinking water.

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“Colombia has generated 130,000 tons of electronic waste, which is equivalent to 0.3% worldwide and 3.2 in Latin America ”.

“We launched this program in the country and we do our part with a sustainable technology contributing to the environment”

Scolari pointed out.