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WhatsApp will start sending advertising messages

The subject had already been discussed some time ago. It was said that those responsible for Facebookthe same ones that manage WhatsApp, they could collect data from users of the messaging platform. There were several people and organizations worldwide that considered that such a decision went against people’s privacy, and the decision was initially left on hold. But everything is going to change.

Last January, WhatsApp Business went into action, the version of the program intended for companies, which includes added values, such as, among others, the ability to make payments through the app. And now, as they tell us at WABetaInfo, normal users, those of us who use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and acquaintances, will begin to receive advertising messages interspersed among those sent to us by our contacts. And also, what was not going to be will be, Facebook will be able to share with companies the profile, the telephone number, the hours we remain connected to WhatsApp, the functions they are used for and the frequency with which they are usedeither our locationamong other options.

If we take a look at what they tell us in WABetaInfoto the new terms of service, we can read the following:

WhatsApp is working to find useful ways to connect with businesses on WhatsApp so you can receive order, transaction and appointment information, shipping and receipt notifications, product and service updates, marketing messages, business directory listings to discover businesses on WhatsApp , .

There is no doubt, nothing is what it tried to be. Whenever we are offered something for free, especially on the Internet, other purposes are pursued, obtaining money through other means. We have proof of this here, with the new decision of those responsible for WhatsApp. What did you think?

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