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  7. Will The Mandalorian have its own video game soon? A well-known leaker speaks

Will The Mandalorian have its own video game soon? A well-known leaker speaks

Will The Mandalorian have its own video game soon? A well-known leaker speaks

According to a well-known insider, The Mandalorian could soon become a video game, centered on the adventures of Mando and little Grogu.

The Mandalorian it was one of the biggest television hits of the past two years. The show, focused on the bounty hunter I send And based on the Star Wars universe, it is in fact full of characters, heart and action, which thrill spectators of all ages. And today, according to some rumors, The Mandalorian may have their own video game soon.

A well known and trusted insider of Twitter, user Shpenshal_Ed, has just shared details on a possible video game based on the adventures of the Mandalorian. The insider has spread a lot of news in recent times, the latest of which is the anticipation of the games for PS Plus in May 2021.

Nick Baker, this is the real name of the leaker, he posted a Tweet after noticing that there was a Funko Pop! of the Mandalorian on Phil Spencer’s shelf, a character who very often leaves clues before making big announcements. However, the insider confirms that this hypothesis is also based on some information that has been revealed to him by an internal contact, even if he cannot confirm anything specific to us.

The Mandalorian was one of the most watched shows on the digital platform Disney +, and his third season should arrive in 2022, after making room for the new series that will see his illustrious colleague as the protagonist Boba Fett, coming, it seems, at the end of 2021. Many, therefore, would welcome a video game based on the universe of The Mandalorian.

At the moment, unfortunately, we invite you to take this news with due care. Already in the past, at the end of the second season of the show, there was talk of a possible video game based on the character, but for the moment there are only rumors.

However, the possibilities for such a title would be endless, and could see a return of the collaboration between Disney and Lucasfilm Games, as it should happen with the next game of Indiana Jones. So we just have to cross our fingers and wait for official information: soon we could accompany Mando and Grogu on a hunt in a distant galaxy.

Yes m23. Correct. I thought it was Mando and asked my source based on Mando being there if I could mention the game. pic.twitter.com/CwIDU9w1dB

– Nick (@Shpeshal_Ed) April 29, 2021