Windroid solutions activates WhatsApp Voice calls

Calls from WhatsApp they are a revolution in Internet since everyone wants to have them, well, Windroid solutions It will activate them, you only have to leave your number in the comments of this post. The first thing you have to do is update your WhatsApp to the latest version since Google play.

Steps to activate:

  • Have the latest version of WhatsApp installed to be exact the 2.11.561, you can update it from Google play.
  • For those who do not have the update available in their country, we provide the Apk from Here
  • We reboot.
  • Now all you have to do is provide your number in the comments of this post, not from our social networks, since if you do we will not be able to call you because we will be focused only on these comments.
  Finally! The change that many expected will come to WhatsApp

Have a little patience as there are many numbers provided.

Let us begin!!!!