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Xbox Game Pass is not sustainable, says the former president of Sony

Xbox Game Pass is not sustainable, says the former president of Sony

Through a long interview, former Sony president Shawn Layden has his say about the unsustainability of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

According to Shawn Layden, former Sony president, Xbox Game Pass is not a sustainable model, expressing his doubts regarding the system currently in use by Microsft. This statement comes directly from an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, where the former PlayStation number one also talks about other issues concerning the gaming world.

Layden himself is not new to these kinds of statements, as happened last year, and expressed his skepticism. about how to release games through a monthly subscription. It also expresses its also about the Xbox streaming service, xCloud, which allows you to play some titles remotely, without necessarily having the console.

Precisely on this topic, here are his words, translated:

People don’t buy consoles because they want more steel and plastic in their living room. People buy consoles because they want to have access to the content. If you can find a way to get the contents into people’s homes without a box, then yes, of course. Everyone has a streaming solution in some way. Many are limited by the power of the internet connection. And they haven’t yet built a business model that works in that sense.

Always on this topic therefore to indirectly do the example with the Xbox Game Pass, speaking of the development costs of any latest generation game. His words are as follows:

It is very difficult to launch a $ 120 million game on a subscription service that charges $ 9.99 per month. If you do the math, you should have 500 million subscribers before you start recouping your investment. And it is for this reason that it is now necessary to take a leader potion with less loss, to grow a base. But anyway, if there are only 250 million consoles out there, you can never have half a billion subscribers. So how do you make ends meet? Nobody has figured it out yet.

“It’s very hard to launch a $ 120m game on a subscription service charging $ 9.99 a month” – Shawn Layden https://t.co/lpszIpnYY6

– GamesIndustry (@GIBiz) July 27, 2021

Finally, after a very long interview, he concludes explaining what are his thoughts on the future of consoles, defining what is currently underway a third era, with the second ending after 30 years of consul everywhere.

What is that third age? Who is going to define that period? Who will be the leader of this thing? Our industry as a whole has to face this. I’m sure there are doubts about who sold the most boxes last week and all, and companies need to look at this because they are businesses. But for those of us who can chart the path to the third epoch, I think it’s an exciting thing to be a part of.

This is therefore the thought of the former Sony president and perhaps also the reason why PlayStation has not yet launched a service similar to the Xbox Game Pass.