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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: leaked images show a true all screen


A few days ago some images were leaked that revealed that the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 It would carry a retractable camera along with an on-screen fingerprint reader, today new images are leaking to show us the all-screen that will carry the future flagship of the Chinese firm that little by little is gaining ground in the global market. Check out the new leaked images!

The first image shows us the great use that we will have in the front of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, it is not possible to see any front camera in the lower frame, we obviously assume that it will be in the upper left front frame, such as the already famous I live NEX. We cannot say whether or not this mobile will have an on-screen fingerprint reader, since both images only show the front panel of the mobile device.

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The second image shows us that this Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 still has MIUI 9Despite the fact that the manufacturer has already presented the next version, this is understandable given that this phone is still in the development phase. If we are very observant, we can say that the speaker will be visible in the upper front frame, and on the right side of the device you can see the volume buttons and the on / off button. Today it is too early to start speculating on possible technical specifications, or official presentation date, but if we want to trust the source, we can “affirm” that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 It will become official in September. All the most current information can be found here at SolucionesWindroid!

What do you think of the possible new design that the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will carry?


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