Xiaomi plans to enter the United States market

The vice president of the Chinese giant Xiaomi, Wang Chang, gave an interview to the Reuters website, in which many details were revealed that will shape the future of the company. Wang Chang states that for the company the US market is very attractive, for that reason they are developing some of their mobile devices with support for US networks. Know all the details of the interview!

The vice president of Xiaomi He stated that the company is starting to do something in that country, there have even already been some conversations with transport companies, but he clarifies that at the moment there is no agreement. Chang also claimed to know the problems that some Chinese companies have been having for months, we talked about Huawei, ZTE and Mobile Ltd, but the vice president minimized this fact that occurred with these companies by expressing the following words:

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“We see no reason for us to get into that political problem,” Vice President Wang Chang said.

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For the expansion of Xiaomi In the United States, the company would only focus on the consumer market and that it is unlikely to have political problems, since it ensures that many of its engineers and investors are natives of the United States. From this blog we think that if the manufacturer takes this step, it is very likely that it will become much more commercial, thus being one of the largest mobile device manufacturers in the world, as is known, currently Xiaomi It is the firm that sells the most in all of India, thus surpassing famous brands such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Nokia, among others. All the most current information can be found here at SolucionesWindroid!

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Do you think that Xiaomi will really expand in the United States in 2019?